Beauty happens when a woman finally becomes friends with herself and her features!

It’s about her relaxing in her skin and being comfortable with the things that make her so unique! And so beautiful! And this is my passion and pleasure to be the one to share this experience with all my clients! It is my passion to demonstrate through my work as make-up artist and stylist to teach a woman: a beautifully made-up face shows confidence, a beautifully dressed body shows love and pride for herself!

In my experience there are always women who look stunning! EFFORTLESSLY! It is not that they are blessed with more beauty than another – it is just that they know how to put it all together!

These women know the value of developing inner and outer beauty, and it is my chosen profession to assist those who don’t know how! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the so called “ugly duckling” turn into the most beautiful swan! A princess who turns into a queen! And the best of all? This can happen to every woman. When your emotions are at a good place – it is reflected in your face.


In short: I have been make-up artist and stylist for the past 10 years. I work together with my photographer husband, Gavin Gouws, as well as with many other photographers.

I love to present self-enhancement workshops as well as assisting all my brides on their wedding day! A bride for me is the ultimate of beauty and she deserves my absolute best as I consider that every face is my advertisement! Make-up for me is fun. I love making women feel great about themselves. I love showing women how to bring out their own natural beauty and I love to make a woman look so naturally beautiful that she will fall in love with herself! It is all about looking good and feeling good!

Let me tell you a little secret…
God has blessed me with a talent – which I am very grateful for! I used to paint as a child – but I lost that – I couldn’t even paint a stick-figure. One day I asked my Heavenly Father to restore to me this gift!
His answer: “But my child, I have done so long time ago! You are just painting on a different canvas now!”